AliBaba’s Third Party Inspection Save $3000 and Win a Peace of Mind

Third party inspection by alibaba

You have gone through all the filters I mentioned here and you are happy with supplier. You communicated with the supplier and they responded well in time with all the queries. You even put a sample order and everything went ok.

Let us not forget that our main target to use the platforms like Alibaba or similar platforms is not ordering small quantities or just ordering samples only. Our target is to import a reasonable large amount of goods to beat the competition we are facing here.

So, you might be ordering something like $2000 or even $15000 or even $30000?

Even when you have gone through all the filters, it is still a big decision to pay that huge amount of money to somebody you have never seen or met them physically. You might waver and fear what if things still go wrong and even despite passing the filters, the supplier does not exist.

The answer to this situation is physical inspection.

But how can you do that? That will costs your more than $4000 to go to China and if what you do not know the language!

Don’t worry. The solution is to hire third party services and do the job for as little as $100

How does it work?

It is pretty simple and straightforward. Sight inspection by third parties serve the same purpose as you would go personally for a physical inspection. When you do it by third parties, you do not incur the huge costs associated with travelling. It saves you money and time. Additionally, people who do the job are professionals and trained in this area. They may even do the job better if you had to do it yourself.

Steps No 1: Contact Your Supplier

Before you arrange for any inspection, it is absolutely essential to contact your supplier and let them know. There are many reasons for doing so.

It is a good business practice to let the other party know so they are ready and make appropriate arrangements. If you do not let them know, they may simply refuse entry to the inspector because of privacy or other such reasons. So, let me repeat it that is absolutely essential to let your supplier know that you want to do a third party inspection.

All genuine suppliers will be more than happy to cooperate and let the inspection go smooth. I have not come across a single genuine supplier who refused any inspections. If a supplier refuses for some weird reasons, simply do not order.

Step 2. Find the Inspection Service

find inspectorsThere are many services and a simple Google search shows hundreds of results. I do not advise going that route for the reason that you will again need to establish the credentials of the service. As we are now familiar with the Alibaba platform, I recommend hiring the services offered on the same platform.

Most of these suppliers are have real feedback and reviews. We do not have to go out and verify their credentials as that has already been done for us. checks every inspectors qualifications and confirms their authenticity and capabilities.

You also enjoy secure payment through escrow services. This means that you payment is held securely by the escrow and is released only once you find that the inspection report is satisfactory and you are happy with that.

Because you will see a list of inspecting services, the prices are really competitive and you can go with the one that best suits your requirements.

Step 3: How to Order

1. Go to
2. Click on Find inspection
3. Fill all the tabs in the inspector information
4. Check the type of inspection required
5. Select your inspectors
6. Pay to escrow
7. Wait for the inspection report

step by step instructions

You will get a list of inspectors where you can contact them. One you are happy, you pay to the escrow and the inspectors will start the process. Once the inspection is complete, you will get a pdf report detailing what has been inspected. The report is normally 15 to 25 pages long.

As we have seen here the third party inspection is a super cool way to inspect the supplier and make sure that you are dealing with genuine suppliers. If you have a supplier has already passed all the filters you carried, you most probably will be dealing with real suppliers. Third party inspection is an additional peace of mind for a small fee. Additionally, you also save yourself a huge amount of time and money.

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