Amazon Versus eBay: A Guide For New Sellers

which is better, amazon or ebayIt would seem that when you break it down, selling online is an equal and comprehensive experience. You might think that nearly all online selling sites work just about the same, and in some ways they do. The thing to remember is what you want to get out of the selling experience. You want to be honest with yourself about your positioning, what you hope to be on either site, and therefore what will fit your needs specifically. At some point in time you will have to make a choice between Amazon and eBay, as this tends to become a reality for most sellers who take their selling efforts seriously.

There is no right or wrong here, and in many cases it’s a matter of preference. You may start out with one over the other and then transition to the better fit for you. You may find that you are the type of seller who can have a smaller presence on both, but it may be hard to keep up with. Though you may not necessarily want to test the waters of both, you do want to know which one will better help to fit your needs. Though you will hear a lot of opinions out there, you will figure out fairly quickly what is best for you as an individual or company.

Try Both Out To See Which Feels Like a Better Fit

You want to do your research here as you get started. Test it out on both of these sites with a small product to see how it all works. Get to know the ropes and see which fulfills your needs and meets your expectations. Take your time to get used to the systems and the various practices to see what is in line with what you want to accomplish. Though one may stand out readily from the other, it may be more of a matter of focusing on what you want to be as a business and therefore fine tuning things as you move forward.

This is all part of being a reputable online seller and it will all come to you in time. You will find that you like one over the other for different reasons, and before long you will likely be either an Amazon or eBay specific retailer. Either offers a great option, and you can’t go wrong with these names behind your selling efforts! Take your time to define your business, figure out which is a better fit, and then make the decision that is best for you—carefully consider the pros and cons to both eBay and Amazon and the choice will be clear to you. Everyone must make the decision that is right for them, and therefore here are a few things to consider along the way which may help you.

Consider the monthly fees

Some sellers find that the changing fees help to make the decision for them. There is a certain level of upkeep with these sites and there are associated fees that go with that. Carefully research what you may be up against and therefore if the cost is worth it to you in the end. There are always going to be fees, but be sure that you know what they represent. It may be a one time monthly fee or you may find that you experience fees every time you want to do something. A typical monthly fee may be around $40 per month, but that can vary by location and category. Determine the cost vs. the benefit and this may make your decision much easier and more worthwhile!

Look at the type of exposure you will have to your product

Some will argue that you get much more exposure through a site such as Amazon, but that depends on what you are selling .Both are big names in online retailers and both will support you in your efforts. The thing to remember is how big of an audience you even want exposure to, for that may help you to determine which works better. If you want to keep it small at first then try out eBay and this may fulfill your needs moving forward. If you are getting big or if you have a lot to sell then Amazon may be a better fit with a bigger pool of potential customers.

Know where you can get customer feedback to enhance your reputation

Yes there are more opportunities to get customer feedback through Amazon. The actions that you take weigh heavily in your ratings on Amazon, but that can be a good or bad thing depending upon your point of view. Not only that but some sellers aren’t really that concerned about the potential for customer feedback. If they offer a unique product or are just going on for a short while, then the overall reputation may not be an issue. Take your time with this and see what will ultimately work best, but know that the reasons behind wanting this feedback will vary and therefore you may want to weigh this in with other factors.

The ease of uploading products that you want to list

If you want to be a serious seller then by all means you want to understand how easy it is to put your representation out there. Think of what will allow you to easily put your product listings out on the site and maintain them. If you need to update content or do your part to keep this information current, consider how easy that will be for you. This may be an issue of trial and error and it may become clear to you if one stands out over the other. Just be sure that you think this through to make the best choice for you!

There are so many things to consider in which site better fits your needs as an online seller. You will find that there are a lot of opinions, but you simply can’t go wrong if you sell on either Amazon or eBay and therefore figure out which best fits your needs and ensures that you are on track to be a success!

I am KK an eBay and Amazon expert, teacher and internet marketer. I offer advice on e-commerce, content marketing and guest posting.