B3 Wallet Update Tutorial – New Release

If you are holding B3, you might know that they have just released a new version of the wallet. The older version has been replaced and the developers have insisted that all B3 coin holders must upgrade to the latest v3.0 version of the wallet.

Many holders found it confusing to update their existing wallet. In this video you will learn how to do it.

  1. Open you existing wallet
  2. Go to file and click backup wallet
  3. Enter the file name and then click save
  4. Close the existing wallet
  5. Go to github and downlaod the latest version of .exe file. Please note B3 official site has still the older version
  6. Rename the older B3 icon
  7. Open the new version installed
  8. Click help and then debug window. You will see it is version 3 now.

If your wallet is not synced, please watch the following video. How to Sync your B3 coin wallet


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