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Most Common Documents in Importing

Before you are able to get your goods cleared from the customs at the port, you will need to present some documents. These are referred to as documents required for import clearance. You should know that documents required for all

Top Three Freight Forwarding Companies

After I published the post how to import from China and other Far East Asian countries, I received numerous emails with questions regarding freight forwarding companies. I always recommend the services of freight forwarding companies especially to newbies. It saves

Which UK Shipping or Posting Service is the Best for Your eBay Items?

Posting an item after sale is an important step to complete the transaction. In fact it is so important that eBay rates sellers twice for it in the detailed seller rating (DSR). Buyers love to receive their items promptly. Delayed

Top US Shipping Companies for Your eBay and Amazon Items

Once your item is sold, the next important stage is to ship your item to the customer as soon as possible. Remember, the shipping stage is a very important stage and must be handled efficiently. The transaction is not over

An Ultimate Guide to Help You Understand Shipping Your eBay and Amazon Items

Once you sell your item and the buyer pays for the sale, it is time to act promptly and ship your item as soon as possible. The real test starts now; so take your time to handle the shipping process