eBay Beginner’s Business: Top 20 Best Selling Products to Start With

best ebay selling productsYou want to get out there on eBay but you’re not really sure of where to start. The reality is that there are some top selling products that can show you that you can’t go wrong. You need a good entry point to get you in the selling game, and then you’ll be off and running. Think through your strategy and your price points, and always be sure to do your research. No matter what these products will offer you a great way of selling old items or getting your new business up and running.

1.    Toys

You might not realize it but toys are always going to be a top seller. It may be that you start out with used toys that you sell at a lower price point. It may be that you partner up with a distributor and be the face to the customer. When you are first starting out, go forth on a smaller scale and see if you can find your niche even within the toy category. There is always a need for toys, especially leading up to the holidays so start here and you can only go up.

2.    Sports Cards

If you have them then you want to try to sell them. Not only are they easy to list and pretty straightforward in what they have to offer, but they can also bring in a great deal of money. This is often a good entry point into the eBay selling cycle and as you will soon see that it can bring in some great revenue as you get started and get up and running.

3.    Antiques

This covers an entire category of goods, but it offers a lot of flexibility. With antiques it could be a piece of furniture or a watch, and therefore it’s all up to interpretation. The idea here is that people love antiques and want to buy them, and if you offer them online then it makes it convenient. This is great for you in the long term too, especially if you have access to a lot of antiques too.

4.    Purses

Again start with what you have already on hand in your house. If you have any old purses, particularly designer handbags then they are a great place to start. You will be amazed at what people will pay for purses and you are bound to offer them at much more of a discount than at retail. You can build your entire business out of this or just start on a smaller scale if you want to get your name out there.

5.    Small Appliances

If you have old blenders or toaster ovens around, put them out there. People always have a need for small appliances but they don’t always want to pay high retail prices. This is a great way to get yourself into selling online and also to get rid of things that are just taking up space around the house.

6.    Phone Accessories

If you have access to these smaller items, they can really help you to gain some sales. You can start small as you build up your business and then continue to grow it and add to it. You will love how something as simple and inexpensive as a phone case can take your business in an entirely new direction. Test the waters and see how well this works and it may turn into a great side business for you.

7.    Household Items

It may be tools that you have lying around the house. It may be duplicates of items that people always have a need such as frames. There really is no limit once you enter the household items and therefore you can find a great entry point utilizing the very items that you have around your own home right now.

8.    Gift Items

Though you may not realize it, you can find a great audience for gift items that you may not have to venture too far from. Think of gifts that you’ve considered “regifting” to others and then use this as your entry into selling on eBay. They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and this is the perfect time to test the waters for the very theory, it could turn into quite the lucrative business.

9.    DVD Collections

Believe it or not, there is always an audience for people wanting to buy DVD’s. It’s all about offering them as multiples that helps to get the sales going. If you have a collection or even a few of the same genre or type, then this can work to your advantage. Try it out with a couple of paired DVD’s such as a series, and see how fast they go. It will amaze you and delight you as you figure out that you can turn this into something wonderful!

10.     Book Collections

Along the same lines people still love the idea of reading a paperback book. If you have any collections or books in a given series, this works out even better for you. It may end up being that you find used books and turn them into a growing business that keeps you going strong. There is always a need for books and therefore you will always have a nice flow of customers.

11.     Old Collector Toys

If they are in still in the packaging you will make even more money than you probably imagined. These are really worth something and eBay is a great place to test the waters. If you’ve been holding onto them for the right occasion then this is it. Get them out there and see how they can help you to build a really great presence on eBay, and they may turn into even more than that.

12.    Vintage Clothes

As you are cleaning out your closet there are always those items that seem to be collecting dust which you will never wear. These very clothes may very well classify as vintage, and there is a huge market waiting for them. If you want to get them out of your way and make some money at the same time, then eBay is a great channel to shop them around. You’ll be amazed at how vintage clothes have come back in style!

13.     Baby Equipment

You aren’t going to use it anymore and you don’t have anybody to hand it down to. The reality is that there is always a need for baby equipment from strollers to booster seats and everything in between. This starts out small and you do have to factor in the shipping costs, but you won’t have a problem finding any takers in this area.

14.     Artwork

his might be artwork that you have created if you are that type of person. It may be artwork that you have accumulated through the years, but you have no use for anymore. It may just be that your tastes have changed and therefore this is a great way to purge and make money doing so. You kill two birds with one stone and find an entry point onto eBay at the same time.

15.      Trinkets

These are the things you have lying around the house that you are never going to use. These are the items that you maybe got from a tradeshow or a fair that you have thrown in a corner. You probably think that nobody could ever possibly want these items, but try it out on eBay and see for yourself if that’s the case and you might be pleasantly surprised.

16.     Handmade Goods

These may be curtains or they may be hand painted letters that you made for your child’s nursery when they were little. These may be something that you utilized or created to help “baby proof” your home. It may be something with pets or just an item to make your life easier. It doesn’t matter what it is, for if it worked for you then it’s bound to be great for somebody else too.

17.     Seasonal Items

So many of us have old seasonal items that we don’t utilize anymore. Maybe you have access to seasonal items that you can get for a steal after the holiday or season has passed. People always want to decorate and celebrate the season so keep up with this and start offering these items early on so that people can get an edge on their shopping needs.

18.    Diet or Fitness Items

You know that people always want to lose weight and if you have something to help them, then here’s your niche. You will find that if you offer items together in a package such as a low fat recipe book and a piece of workout equipment or DVD, this strengthens your offering. Try it out and you can get rid of items that you don’t use and make good money helping somebody else at the same time.

19.    Coins

Yes if you have old coins then this is your venue for selling them. You can find a great niche of people who really want coins to complete their collection and this is the spot they can do it. Try it with just a couple at first and play around with collections, and you will soon find what works and what doesn’t in this growing area.

20.     Old Electronics Equipment

You are certainly never going to use that old cell phone or camera, but somebody may be able to. They may be in the business of repairing them or selling them and want the right venue such as eBay to find what they need. These old electronic items must be in good shape to entice buyers but they will be a great way to get yourself out on the online selling market.

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