How to Buy and Register a Name Web Domain Name

Thank you very much for joining me once again. In today’s video you are going to learn about domain name registrar and how to buy a domain name.

In order to get a domain name you will have to register one with a domain registrar which is a company which deals in web domains. So, the company from which you buy your domain or you register your domain name with that company is called domain registrar.

You just go to the Register website and buy a domain name. There are many domain registrars or domain selling companies. So you can go and buy your domain name with anyone of them as you like but my favourite is Godaddy.

So is in today’s lesson you are going to  learn how to buy a domain name with GoDaddy. For this example let’s go to GoDaddy and try to find a domain name. So here I am on Godaddy’s website.

Once you are on Godaddy’s website, just enter the domain name you want to register and click search. If it is available, it will tell you the domain name is available. If it is not available, it will display the message that the domain name has been taken.

There are several extensions of the domain name. For instance, .com,, .in, .fr, .biz etc. Of all these the most popular is the .com extension.

As the .com is the most popular of all the extensions therefore most likely the domain name if you are looking for it may not be available with the .com

For instance, if you are looking for a domain such as, it may not be available as it is a very generic term. However, the same domain might be available with other extensions.

Oh, yes. is not available as it is very generic. So let us try put something like a name. Like say we put John here. So we search for Oops! Its not available again.

Let us try by putting our location. Like let me try put my own city name followed by fitness training. So let me type and then click search.

Bingo! There you go. It is available.

So you once you domain name is available, you simply add to the cart and then select check out. Godaddy will generally ask for other optional stuff. I uncheck all the optional boxes except maybe the privacy. If you want to keep your personal details public on the internet, you may not want to buy the privacy protection.

However, if you want to keep your personal details private so that nobody can see or access it, check the privacy option for extra cost.

If you are new customer, you will have to register before check out. If you are returning customer, simply login and then select the payment option. You can pay using your credit card or through Paypal.

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