How to Get Genuine Branded Products Below Manufacturing Cost for Your eBay UK Business?

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Branded products?

And below manufacturing costs?

Yes, you heard that correct.

Sourcing branded product from wholesaler and distributors is not easy, especially if you are on low budget and an eBay seller.

High brand names provide their products to authorized dealers who are well established with a huge amount of investment.  For an average eBay seller, sourcing such products through authorized dealers is not practical.

You Cannot Import Branded Products from China

Do not be fooled by so called Chinese suppliers with attractive and flash websites offering high brand name products at ridculously cheap prices from mainland China. You will never be able to get genuine branded products from mainland China.  They are either con sites to rip off newbies or these products are FAKE!

Such sites are not limited only to China. There are sites claiming to be operating in Italy, Germany, France some Eastern European countries offering branded products at through away prices. If this could really happen, we would have seen everyone sourcing a good amount of branded products and selling them on eBay for high margins.

So whenever you see a Chinese supplier trying to sell you branded products,


But there is another Way!

Do not get discouraged. This does not mean that you cannot find branded products for your eBay business. In this article, we explore sources and real life examples of how you can source branded products at cheap prices.

This model will enable you not to only source branded products, but such products which are brand new genuine, authentic and original. Furthermore, you will beat the competition by purchasing these products at very low prices, sometimes even below the manufacturing cost!

Yes.. Even below the manufacturing cost, or at least better than wholesale!

And one thing more. You don’t have to buy any minimum quantities. No MoQs. You can purchase one or a thousand depending upon the availability,  of course.


Let us Get Started..

As you would have judged from the title of this post that these sources are particularly great for eBay UK and in some cases even eBay Europe. For eBay US and Canada, I will cover this topic in another post.

The Method

The method is loss proof if you follow the instructions here in. First you will research the source to find a product. Note it down and then go to eBay and see whether it will make us any profit. These two steps will ensure that you buy only products which are guaranteed to make your good profit.

Don’t make a hasty decision just by jumping in when you see a deal. You must do the above two steps to avoid unproductive sourcing.

If everything is not clear to you, do not worry. I will be holding your hand in this post and walking you through all the steps with live and real life examples.

There are many sources, but in this post I will walk you through one as it is not possible to walk you through all of them in one post. For other sources, I may write separate posts from time to time or upon request.

This is the number one source that I have used it for years to find fantastic and crazy deals on branded goods. The site is updated almost every minute and people around the whole of UK post highly discounted items from any store they see, online as well as offline.
Hot Deals UK Banner

Deals which with high heat are generally the most discounted ones. They are shown hot in degrees. However, sometimes, deals shown to be very hot may not be very good ones and those shown less hot can prove to be a winner for us.

Remember, you should not blindly jump in. Buy only once you have done the above two steps. Let us take some real life examples.

Live Example 1

Here is this item called Fuze Water Blaster.
Fuze Water Blaster halfords
This was previously sold at Halfords for £24.99 which is now sold at £5! Before, we calculate what it can earn us, let us check it on eBay how much is it currently being sold there.
While checking the sold listings for Fuze Water Blaster, the following results were shown.
Fuze Cyclone water blaster sold on ebay
How much can it earn for you?

If you sell this product while taking the low price strategy, you blow out the competition. Let us say that you want to quickly sell them and list them for £18.00 in the buy now format with free shipping. On that price it should sell like hot cakes.

A. Sale Proceeds = £18.00

B. Purchase Price =£5.00

C. eBay’s fee  = £1.62
D. PayPal’s Fee = £0.82

E. Shipping (Royal Mail 2nd)  = £2.80

F. Total Expenses (B+C+D+E) = £10.24

G. Profit (A-F) = £7.76

Now let us say you  sold 30 of them = 7.76*3= £232.80

That is an excellent margin!

Live Example 2

Here is another item Hex Bug Nano which is listed on HotUKDeals and available at Tesco for just £1.50.
Hex bug nano at tesco
Now the same item is sold £12.50 with £3 shipping which totals to be £15.50 and that is an average price. Here is the screen shot from eBay.

Hex bug nano sold on ebay

If we sell it for £13 with free shipping,  you will easily kill the competition. Let us calculate the profit potential.

A. Sale Proceeds = £13.00
B. Purchase Price =£1.50
C. eBay’s fee  = £1.17
D. PayPal’s Fee = £0.55
E. Shipping (Royal Mail 2nd)  = £2.80
F. Total Expenses (B+C+D+E) = £6.02
G. Profit (A-F) = £6.98

How many will you sell? 10, 20, 50 or even more! Just do the rest of the math.

Live Example 3

Here is another deal which is superhot. I normally stay away from electronics and mobile phones. But there is nothing wrong if a great deal comes your way.

Here is HTC One M8 which was previously sold for £485 is now available for £289.00 only.  Here is the screen shot for HTC One M8 from
HTC one M8 hot uk deals

Let us go back to eBay and search for the same item.

htc one m8 on ebay
And here is the result. Below is an average price at the time of writing this post for sold M8 on

So, you decide to sell it £30 cheaper to beat the competition. Are you ready for the math? Let us go.

A. Sale Proceeds = £370.00
B. Purchase Price =£289.00
C. eBay’s fee  = £33.30
D. PayPal’s Fee = £7.33
E. Shipping (Royal Mail 2nd)  = £2.80
F. Total Expenses (B+C+D+E) = £332.43
G. Profit (A-F) = £37.57
Sell 5 and you get…37.57*5 =  £187.85

Live Example 4

Here is 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive Intenso USB 3.0 sold for £39.99 at Ebuyer.
portabl intenso hard drive on eBuyer
Using our method, let us go back to eBay and find it in the sold listings.
portable intenso hard drive on ebay sold

Four of these have already been sold for £79.9 each!

To outdo the competition, you list them for £69.99 with free shipping. Ok, it is time for math.

A. Sale Proceeds = £69.99
B. Purchase Price =£39.99
C. eBay’s fee  = £6.30
D. PayPal’s Fee = £1.63
E. Shipping (Royal Mail 2nd)  = £2.80
F. Total Expenses (B+C+D+E) = £50.72
G. Profit (A-F) = £19.27

Sell 10 and you get…19.27*10 =  £192.70

Live Example 5

Ok, this is our last example for today.

Here is Klipsch image One II which was previously sold for £129 and now available to grab for £29.99 only with free delivery.
Klipsch image on hot uk deals
The same thing is sold here for £68.41 on eBay with free postage.  Here is the screen shot.

Klips image
Ok, now if you sell it less than the competition for £60, here is how much it will bring in profit.

A. Sale Proceeds = £59.99
B. Purchase Price =£29.99
C. eBay’s fee  = £5.40
D. PayPal’s Fee = £2.04
E. Shipping (Royal Mail 2nd)  = £2.80
F. Total Expenses (B+C+D+E) = £40.23
G. Profit (A-F) = £19.76

Sell 10 and you get…19.76*10 =  £197.60

Ok, that is our last example for today.

Useful Tips

Before I conclude this post, here are a few tips that will help you to succeed tremendously while using this method.

  • Never make haste. Make sure you do your research.
  • Check the items in the sold listings on eBay.
  • Make sure you check the NEW listings options
  • Collect them in person if the store offering the deal is near you. This will save you on delivery and you can check the items physically.
  • You may use the images if they are not subject to copyrights. Rename the images to make them unique.
  • Read the descriptions and write them in your own words in your eBay listings for better rankings.
  • List all the features of the product and include as many images as you can so the listings look professional.
  • Visit the UKhotdeals site every day and spend sometimes there to grab the bargains.
  • Stay away from electronics if margins are low as this is an over competitive niche.
  • Stay away from bulky items if you have storage issues.
  • Stay away from hazardous items which may require special insurance or restrictions.
  • Do not dropship the item. Only list once you have the item in your hand.
  • Start small by testing a few products and then slowly build on.


It is a great opportunity to buy authentic, branded goods at the lowest possible price and kill all the competition. You have seen in the post real life examples that this system works.
Like always, I never recommend methods, sources and techniques which I have never tried myself or am absolutely sure that these works. I have been personally using this method for a number of items over the years and it never failed.

The most important trick is to do a little bit of research and browsing and that should not take you a few minutes every day. Just locate the deal and then go to eBay and search for it in the sold listings. Make sure you check the New options in the eBay sold results. This will make it a loss proof method. Never every buy unless you have already checked it on eBay.

And last…

If you really want to to dig deeper into your eBay and Amazon research and find super crazy deals, I highly recommend to try Terapeak. Click here for a free trial.

I hope you like this post. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please leave them in the comments box below.



I am KK an eBay and Amazon expert, teacher and internet marketer. I offer advice on e-commerce, content marketing and guest posting.

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