How to Install Add on Domain in Cpanel



Learning Outcomes
What is an add on domain
How to add an add on domain?

What is an add on domain?

You can add additional domains in the cpanel and then host them on your hosting account without the need for another cpanel.
If you are on a shared hosting account, which most likely you will be in the beginning, then you may have one only one cpanel account. If you need to launch more websites on the same hosting account, you will have to add on domains to the cpanel.

This is how we do it.

1. Login to your cpanel account
2. Scroll down to domains section
3. Click on Add on domain
4. Enter the name of your new domain in the “new domain name tab”. For instance, you have a domain name enter it “”
5. The subdomain and document root table shall be auto filled.
6. Check the FTP box to creat an FTP account associated with this domain.
7. Click add on domain
And you are done!

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