How to Sync B3 Coin Step by Step

b3 coin proof of stake


B3 coin is a proof of stake coin. Once you buy the coin and transfer to your wallet you will get coins added to your balance every day. Once you install B3 wallet it is synced, so in this video you wil llearn how to sync it.



Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on downloads

Step3: Download Windows or MAC as per your OS

Step4: Install the wallet

Step5: Open the wallet and you will see it is not synched

Step 6: Join the discord. Here is the link

Step7: Go to wallet help and click on pin icon top right corner

Step8: Download the peers.dat and b3.config files

Step 9: Copy and paste the above files to C:\Users\Workstation\AppData\Roaming\B3-CoinV2 Make sure you allow your computer to show hidden files and folders

Step 10: Go to this link  and copy all the node lists

Step 11: Open the B3.config file and paste all the nodes there.

Step 12. Restart your B3 wallet and wait for a few minutes.

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