How to Take Attractive Images for Your eBay Listings

ebay photographyYou want to sell something on eBay but you aren’t really sure of where to get started. You know that the description that you use will prove to be quite important, for that is what will draw people in. The reality is that a lot of people end up focusing far too much on the actual descriptions though and they don’t put enough into the photos that they take. If you have a listing out there that is heavy on words but doesn’t have enough in the way of photos, then you may very well be setting yourself up for instant failure.

Try to look at this from the customer’s point of view or put yourself into their mindset. They are interested in obtaining an item and they want to really see it firsthand. They want to be able to live with it so to speak, and that means that they are of course focusing on what it will be like.

The Customers Need To Visualize What You Are Trying To Sell Them Here

The bottom line here is that visualization is everything, and if you don’t take the time to get good photos then you are cutting the customer experience short. This will cost your business and will ultimately mean that potential customers end up going elsewhere so that they can see what they are getting, and be happy with it too.

Good versus bad

This may beg the question—just how do you take attractive images for your eBay listings? How can you be sure to get the right images out there which will show people that this is a great product and sell them from the start? How can you set it up so that your pictures complement your description so that people jump at your listing beyond anything else?

It’s not as hard as you might think, but it does mean that you start to develop some great photography skills to pull this altogether. It’s all about focused effort, and when you get to that point then you can really make this work and get yourself some great sales out of it in the process!

You simply need to consider what you would want to see as a potential customer, and then focus on taking some great images in the very best way possible. Making it work can mean that you master a new skill and learn what great images really mean in the long run as well—here are the best tips for taking attractive images that work for you through eBay resulting in great sales!

Think Of What You Would Want To See In a Listing and Focus on That

It may seem like a lot of work to take great product images, but it’s really a matter of focusing on what really matters. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get this to work, just know what you want in the end and then go for it. This may be a matter of trial and error too, and that’s an important consideration too.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the right image at first, just keep trying until you are happy with it. Try it out and put it out there and see if a particular image helps you to gain traction in your journey. This can be a really fun way to embrace a new skill, and can ensure that you end up with success in the end too. Here are some helpful tips to take attractive images that help you to boost your eBay listing—and that may help you with better photography skills in the future as well.

Be sure that you are using a high quality camera to get the pictures

If you try to take a picture on your old phone then you are not going to get a good result. You want to be sure that you are using a camera with a high resolution that ensures that you get a great detailed shot. You also want to be certain that you test this and that you have access to a great camera if yours simply isn’t doing the trick.

You need a resolution high enough to show great detail and which will translate well into the online environment too. Be sure that you put forth the right effort using a good camera first and foremost, otherwise nothing else matters. Good pictures come from a great camera, so start yourself off on the right foot!

Focus on the product you are trying to sell and get several angles of it

Think of your own online shopping experience here and then use this to help motivate you. You want to really focus on the product that you are listing and get in several angles of it. You want to essentially walk a customer through what this product is, what it looks like, and how it works for a good sale in the end.

You can’t just leave this up to the imagination, and so the more angles and the more detail that you get the better it will be. It will truly pay off if you get in any accessories or unusual features through the photography. Nothing is off limits here, for if you want to sell it you have to tell the customer a story with the images that you post. Keep that in mind and let this guide you as you snap away at more pictures than you really need, for that will be a great way to narrow down to what is truly best.

 Keep it on its own and away from any distractions that may interfere with what you see there

Don’t let any background noise get in the way so to speak. You definitely don’t want to have other items in the background of the picture that have nothing to do with what you are trying to sell. It can come across as fake or false for people feel like you are trying to tell them they get something that they ultimately do not.

It’s important to take the photos against a neutral background so that you get just the right shots without any distractions. It’s great to have a focal point and even just a piece of paper or cloth in the background so that you can focus in on the item you are listing—this is a great tip to use overall!

 Get in as much detail as you can and double check that everything came out clear

It’s not enough to just snap the pictures, for you want to actually double check your work too. Take more photos than you really need and then zero in on what you are looking for later on. Always be sure that you have more than enough images so that you can create a nice selection that really helps to highlight the product. You will be so happy later on that you took your time here and that you actually thought it through in a proactive manner.

Consider a Photography Kit

ebay photography kitYou do not have to go for some very expensive and fancy stuff. All you need is a standard tripod, a set of lighting, a lighting tent and a camera.

Put in items for size reference or other such issues but that’s it

Though you don’t want to put in any extra items to distract from what you are displaying, there are exceptions. You may need to put something in for a size reference or to show accessories that come with it. Think through this so that you can help to answer any possible questions with your imagery. Above all remember that the photos that you take are truly your greatest selling point on eBay. The more time you put into taking great photos, the more that it will pay off at selling time!

If you use cube lightening, it may significantly improve the picture quality. The following shot shows before and after picture of a product i.e. the one without the ez cube and the other inside the lighting cube.

product photo lighting

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