Increase Your Sales by Including Subtitles In Your eBay Listings

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Chances are that if you are selling products on eBay you don’t necessarily put a lot of thought into your product listings. You list out all of the basics and therefore you get the pertinent information to potential buyers, and that’s where it ends. The reality is that if you aren’t putting in a little extra something into your listings, you are costing yourself sales. Sad but true, there are too many sellers that tend to take things for granted when it comes to educating the customer—and this could be a horrible long term mistake!

You might not necessarily think that something as seemingly simple as a subtitle matters that much, but it truly does. This is your opportunity to say something else important about the product. This is a great time to speak to some sort of selling feature or distinguishing trait about your product. If you simply list what the product is without any backup information, then you are leaving too much up to chance. You never know the background of the potential buyer, and if they are new to this or need more product knowledge then they will look for it elsewhere.
Try To Put Yourself Into the Mindset of Potential Buyers and Then You Will Understand
This isn’t to insult the intelligence of your buyers, but you don’t want to just assume that they know everything. Though they have found your product listing, they are still thirsty for more information. The average buyer considers all angles and needs further information in order to take the plunge. So if you assume that they know everything and they really don’t or they needed some final last minute convincing, you have now cut them short without meaning to. In the instance of selling on eBay it’s always better to provide more information than less for it will work to your advantage in a big way.

Try to put yourself into the mindset of the consumer or even go through a buying exercise on eBay yourself to practice this firsthand. You want to truly understand what buyers are searching for in terms of their fact finding, and then you can see how this all works together. You will see that having subtitles may improve your actual listing, and that it may also very well drive traffic to your page.

The more detail the better, and just when you think it’s enough bump up the product offering just a little bit more. It may seem obvious or even silly to you, but you will truly notice how this changes things and increases your sales in a dramatic way. Try this out and see for yourself how the simplest thing as subtitles can make a huge difference in your selling strategy, and may even take your sales to the next level too!

The Littlest Thing Can Make The Biggest Difference In The End

Though you have probably written product descriptions before, it’s time to take things up a notch. It’s important to include subtitles and as much detail as possible if you want to have a successful presence on eBay. Though you may not necessarily consider these to be important, see how much of a positive response you get when you include this one little but important detail on your listing—it could help you to get to the next level!

⦁    Never assume that people know things: Though you may know a lot about your product offering, not everybody may feel the same way. You want to appeal to the thirst for knowledge that people have before committing to buying a certain product. Though it may seem obvious to you what there is to know about your product, others may not share in that same knowledge. Therefore adding subtitles and other product details can help people to gain a true understanding. This insight will translate to sales and so if you can just remember that not everybody shares the same knowledge as you, then you will be just fine.

⦁    This shows that you put thought into your listing: Here’s another important thing to consider here—the simple addition of subtitles shows that you actually put thought into your listing! While others may not necessarily share this same sort of information, you will be the one who did and stand out from the crowd. You aren’t leaving things up to the imagination and you will show a certain level of completeness that others may lack. This is so great for you and your ability to translate product information to sales in a really detailed and thoughtful manner.

⦁    You come off as a credible seller and therefore build confidence with the buyer: The sellers that just throw product listings out there do not have credibility in the mind of the buyers. The ones who put complete information including subtitles out there will always come across as more credible. You help to answer any questions, you leave nothing to the imagination, and you come across as polished and pulled together. Remember that your reputation is everything and the more information that you put out there from the start, the more that people will feel confident in buying from you—this all builds to your overall eBay presence and it’s such a simple gesture here too.

⦁    You don’t force the potential buyer to look elsewhere for straightforward information: This is part of polishing your final product and therefore it matters greatly. This is also something important to think through for it will give your potential buyer all of the answers that they need. This will all translate into them pulling the trigger and therefore buying from you over others. If you just leave things off and let the buyer find their information elsewhere, they may very well buy from them. You need to be sure that you give them everything they need, help them to feel informed and comfortable, and therefore pull the trigger with you—so yes simple but effective subtitles really do matter greatly and will translate into sales for you!

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