Most Common Documents in Importing

importing documentsBefore you are able to get your goods cleared from the customs at the port, you will need to present some documents. These are referred to as documents required for import clearance. You should know that documents required for all types of goods are not the same. Some goods may require additional documents because of some additional rules and regulations. However, there are certain documents, which are common to almost all types of goods. We will have a look at these common types of documents here.

Bill of Entry

It is a legal document, which is to be filed by the importer, or the authorised agent such as a forwarding company duly signed. After filing the bill of entry along with other necessary documents, the customs officials will carry examination of goods and complete certain custom formalities. Once all the formalities are completed a pass out order is issued from the custom official, the goods can be moved out of customs and once all the chargers have been paid these can be moved out to the importer’s place.

Commercial Invoice

Invoice is a document that shows the actual value paid by the buyer to the seller with short descriptions of goods. As an invoice shows the actual purchase value of the goods and customs official needs it for value appraisal. Here the custom appraisal officers ensures that the value of the goods shown matches with the actual market value and so to avoid any fraudulent under invoicing or over invoicing.

Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

This document is called Bill of Lading under sea freight and Airway bill under airfreight. The carrier issues a document, which provides the details of cargo with terms of delivery. A Bill of Lading or Airway Bill must be submitted for import customs clearance.

Insurance Certificate

Insurance certificate is a document, which shows that the goods have been covered by insurance. It is also a supporting document against importer’s declaration on terms of delivery. Custom authorities may use the insurance certificate to assess the value of import duty amount.

Purchase Order or Letter of Credit

A Purchase order is another important document, which is required for custom clearance. It states almost all terms and conditions of the sale contract. The document helps customs official to assess value of the goods imported.

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