Selling on eBay VS. Amazon Which Way to Go?

which way to goYears back if you had a product to sell it was quite simple and straightforward that you did this through an actual store front.

You put a price on things and you sold your goods, and thus gained a profit if you were doing it all right. Times have changed and now you find the wonderful benefits of selling online to help you to be truly successful!

Though this may very well be bigger than you ever imagined, there are so many wonderful advantages to selling online when you find the right marketplace. Merely finding that marketplace however and determining which channel is right for you as an individual seller can sometimes be tricky.

Though there are a number of online marketplaces out there, the reality is that there are two major ones that gain the most attention and capture the most sales. If you are going to be anybody in the online selling game then you absolutely have to have a presence on either eBay or Amazon.

It seems like a great decision to make because you can’t go wrong, right?

You Have To Try It Out To Figure Which One Is Really Better For You In The End

No matter which one you choose you are going to enjoy a wonderful online presence, and you are going to find that you capture the right sales, correct? If you are like most people you go into the online selling game with a positive outlook of both, but you will quickly find that it tends to shift to one over the other.

This isn’t the case for everybody, but once you get up and going you will tend to find that you favor one over another. There are times when each one may have its true benefits, but it may take some trial and error to figure it all out.

Though some sellers find that they can be successful using a blend of both, you often find that one works for you in a bigger way.

This all depends on who you are as an individual or company, what type of product that you selling on ebayhave, the distribution channel that you will use to actually sell the product, the inventory that you carry, and the way that your business is actually structured too.

Try to look at this as an opportunity and you will come to figure out just why one stands out, and how to frame your business in a way that will help you to be successful and lucrative.

•   Consider the Pros and Cons and Find The Right Mix For You Personally
There is no right or wrong here, but you do need to understand how both sites work. Though eBay and Amazon are both credible sites with great success rates, you are likely to find that one wins out over the other.

When you find that fine balance you will be able to take your online selling efforts to the next level. Here are some considerations to help you along the way as you get this all going.

•    Consider your presence and the type of support that you need: Amazon has a great infrastructure and eBay is a mass marketplace. In order to figure out which one suits you better consider the type of presence that you want or need to have.

amazon_sellingAlso consider the type of support that you may need, for while both offer help Amazon may have more features available to the average seller.

You may have more visibility and liberty with your listing on eBay, but you may be able to garnish more help from eBay. You just never know until you try it out, but if you are just starting out you may need the extra support at least early on.

•    Look at where you may have the greatest competition: Consider what your competition is going to look like and be sure that you research this in advance. Know that there are times when you may be competing against other buyers, and then other times when you are competing against the actual website or infrastructure itself.

With Amazon you get plenty of buyers but one of the cons is that they can brand things and sell things themselves more often, which means big competition to you. If you are talking about a smaller type of product then this isn’t a big deal.

For more competitive products or where supply and demand is not an issue though, this could eat away all of your sales. With eBay though you may have many more buyers in a given category, and that’s detrimental too.

•    Know the demand and where you will be able to have a more viable and profitable presence: This is an offshoot of the prior point where you need to know what type of demand there is for your product. If it’s a hot new product then you can bet that there will be plenty of other buyers on the scene.

You may find that eBay has a growing number of new buyers that pop up out of nowhere that are often hard to predict.

You may also find though that with Amazon, you end up with new buyers in addition to existing buyers that have a great reputation already on the site. It’s so hard to predict here, but if you know the overall demand of your product then you are going to be in good shape for this and therefore figure out which channel works better.

•    Consider how you will house your product and the need for fulfillment: This is a huge distinguishing feature that may make the decision for you. If you need extra help in the way of fulfillment then Amazon may be a better fit. They are truly a one stop shop in this sense and they are very good at helping with housing and fulfilling your product if you are a bigger scale type of seller.

If you are just trying to develop an online presence though then you can turn to eBay and do this step on your own. You may find that eBay works early on and then when you get bigger, Amazon is a much better fit in the end.

Be sure that you think of the short term and long term presence, and that you are not just another seller that gets lost in the shuffle on either site.

I am KK an eBay and Amazon expert, teacher and internet marketer. I offer advice on e-commerce, content marketing and guest posting.