Top US Shipping Companies for Your eBay and Amazon Items

Once your item is sold, the next important stage is to ship your item to the customer as soon as possible. Remember, the shipping stage is a very important stage and must be handled efficiently. The transaction is not over unless the customer receives the product in time and in perfect condition.

In addition, selecting the right shipping company and service is an absolute must. You will be sending times may be on a daily basis. Calculating the right cost, the right shipping supplies and sending the item through the right company will save you both time and money.

In this article, I have enumerated a few top US shipping companies comparing their rates and services. The service or the company you select will depend upon the number of items you ship, speed of delivery, the size of your package, location etc.


United States Postal Services (USPS) is the largest postal network in the US. As an eBay seller, you may need to use some of the USPS services to deliver your items to your customers.

Once you open account with them online, you can get cheaper rates for commercial items and print your labels through click n ship. The label will show the exact amount of charge you paid.

You can also order free shipping supplies from their website.

Here is a list of some of the services by USPS.

Priority Mail Express

This is an overnight delivery services to most US locations covered with money back guarantee. It also comes with automatic insurance of up to $100.

Priority Mail Express is track and trace service and the package can be picked up at your place of business or home.

The basic rate starts from $13.09

Priority Mail

Starting from $5.05, it is a suitable service for non-urgent items. Delivery normally takes any time between 1 to 5 business days.

It is a tracked services and the price includes $50 insurance.

First Class Mail

It starts from $0.49 and is suitable for envelopes and small packages. The weight limit for the service is 13 oz.

Standard Post

It is a great alternative to expensive courier services for non-urgent oversized items.

The prices starts at just $5.60. Delivery time ranges between 2 to 8 business days.

The size of the package can be as large as 130 inches.

Media Mail

It is suitable for sending books and educational media. The cost starts from $2.69.

USPS Domestic Mail Comparison Chart

USPS Price Comparison ChartGlobal Express Guaranteed

This is USPS fastest international service which aims to deliver the parcel within 1 to 3 business days. The service is delivered in partnership with FedEx. Start price from $51.50.

Priority Mail Express International

This is the second fastest international service by USPS with the aim of delivering the parcel within 3 to 5 business working days. Starting price is $35.25.

Priority Mail International

Starts from $29.25 and delivery time is between 6 to 10 business days.

First Class Mail International

Suitable for postcards, envelopes and flats. Starting price $1.15

First Class Package International

An excellent service for small packages. Starts from $6.55

Airmail M-Bags

Suitable for printed materials. Starts from $35.20.

Comparison Chart for the USPS International Shipping Services
Global Express Priority Mail Express
Priority Mail
First Class Mail
First Class Package
International Service
Delivery 1 -3 Business Days 3 – 5 Business Days 6 – 10 Business Days By Destination By Destination
Guarantee Money Back Money Back (Selected) None None None
Insurance Up to $100 $100 to $ 200 Not included Not included Not included
Pick Up Free Free Free Not included Not included
Online Saving Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tracking Yes Yes Yes None Selected
Start Price $51.50 $35.25 $29.25 $1.15 $6.55


The best bit about UPS is that it offers a huge amount of savings on shipping for eBay power sellers.

eBay power sellers can earn up to 32 % off UPS standard list rates.

The saving scheme applies to local, national and international shipping.

There is no other great way than sign up for UPS PowerSeller program to save on your eBay shipping

UPS offers an excellent way of tracking your parcel and it is easy for both buyers and sellers to easily track the package online.

UPS offers cheaper insurance than USPS. However, if you are looking for packages which are heavier than 10 lbs than USPS is a better option. For smaller parcels UPS is the deal.

UPS offers the following shipping services.

UPS Ground

This is the cheapest option. It takes around 5 business days to deliver. For sellers who sell a large number of items, this is the best option.

UPS 3 Day Select

It delivers in 3 business days. It is more expensive than UPS ground.

UPS 2nd Day Air

It is an air shipping service and the maximum number of days to deliver the parcel is 2 days.

UPS Next Day Air Saver

It is more expensive than the 2nd day air. Some buyers would like to pay for the cost as they would like to receive their package next day.

UPS Next Day Air

This is the most expensive option in domestic services. Almost all parcels are delivered by next day 10 am.

Comparison Table for UPS Domestic Service 1lb Zone 102

UPS Next Day Air $24.30

UPS Next Day Air Saver $20.70

UPS 2nd Day Air Am $15.76

UPS 2nd Day Air $13.70

UPS 3 Day Select $9.98

UPS Ground $6.24


FedEx is the number one choice among courier services. It is fast, reliable and affordable. Here are the three featured shipping services offered by FedEX.

 FedEX One Rate

fedex one rate

FedEx SameDay

It is the fastest FedEx Service delivered door to door to the same day. Some customers would like to receive their parcel the same day due to a variety of reasons. Most customers who need to the item on the same day are willing to pay for the premium service.

FedEx Home Delivery

To keep your customers delighted, FedEx home delivery is the solution. With home delivery option, you have very few chances of missed deliveries. Here are some of the options offered by FedEx Home delivery service.

FedEx Certain Home Delivery Service. Customer chooses the best day from Tuesday to Saturday.

FedEx Evening Home Delivery. Customer Chooses delivery time between 5 to 8 pm

FedEx Appointment Home Delivery

Customer make an appointment and are called before the delivery is made.

For a more professional look it is highly recommended to sign up with Once you sign up with them, you can download the state of the art software to print very professional labels without showing the amount of postage you paid.

One of my clients asked why should you join and pay $15.99 a month when you can get all the services at USPS. That is a good question and needs to be answered. Here are the reasons that you should consider joining

1. Huge Discounts

You cannot get all these discounts at the post office. Once you sign up with you pay special discount rates. The following discounts were available to customers at the time of writing this article.

Save up to 54% on Priority Mail Express
Save up to 49% on Priority Mail
Save up to 22% on First Class Package Service
Save up to 13% on International Mail
Save up to 40% on insurance

Now imagine up to 54% is a huge saving! How much will you get if you are sending a number of parcels each day to your customers. I will leave the math to you.

2. Print Stamps or Labels from Your Own Computer

Just download the software and it is automatically integrated to your printer. The stamps, envelopes and shipping labels all look very professional.

3. Pay Exact Postage and Avoid Guess

Once you sign up you get a free shipping scale from Just put your package on the scale and you are done. The weight is sent to the software and you just select the type of service to calculate the exact amount.

4. Integrated Software

For eBay, Amazon or ecommerce sellers, the software effectively manages order integration to batch print multiple shipping labels. You can also track you package with one click and send automatic notification to your customer.

5. 4 Week Trial Plus $80 in Extras

Once you sign up, you get a complete free trial period for four weeks. In addition to that you also $80 including free digital scale and $5 supplies kit.

4 week trial

Comparison Between USPS, UPS and FedEX conducted a study by shipping 144 packages to each shipping zone from 3 separate locations using the above three shipping services. The finding of the study were published on on March 19, 2014.

According to the study, USPS beats both UPS and FedEX in terms of times and cost.

Delivery Speed

The study concluded that USPS was one day faster than UPS while it beat FedEX by half a day earlier delivery.

Cost of Delivery

The study also found that USPS was the cheapest option. For a 2lb package to all zones typical USPS cost for priority mail was $7.34, for UPS ground it was $10.45 Whereas FedEX home delivery cost $10.40.


Priority Mail Versus Ground Service
1 lb. package across 8 zones USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge for the Package $6.51 $7.71 $7.71
Fule Surchage $0.00 $.50 $0.54
Residential Surchage $0.00 $3.35 $2.9
Total Cost $6.51 $11.56 $11.15 USPS
2 lb. Package USPS FedEX UPS Winner
Base Charge $8.26 $8.47 $8.47
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $0.55 $0.59
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $2.9
Total Cost $8.26 $12.37 $11.96 USPS
Parcel Select Versus Ground Service
3 lb. Package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $8.55 $8.31 $8.31
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $0.54 $0.58
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $2.9
Total Cost $8.55 $12.20 $11.79 USPS
First Class Package Versus Ground Service
13. oz package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $3.47 $6.87 $6.87
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $0.45 $0.48
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $2.9
Total Cost $3.47 $10.67 $10.25 USPS
Priority Mail Versus 3 Day Service
1 lb. Package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $6.51 $17.25 $17.71
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $1.55 $1.77
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $3.35
Total Cost $6.51 $22.15 $22.83 USPS
2 lb. Package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $8.26 $15.80 $16.26
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $1.42 $1.63
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $3.35
Total Cost $8.26 $20.57 $21.24 USPS
Express Mail Versus 2 Day Service
1b. Package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $17.58 $14.00 $14.00
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $3.04 $3.38
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $3.35
Total Cost $17.58 $20.39 $20.73 USPS
4 lb. Package USPS FedEx UPS Winner
Base Charge $36.94 $33.80 $33.80
Fuel Surcharge $0.00 $3.04 $3.38
Residential Surcharge $0.00 $3.35 $3.35
Total Cost $36.94 $40.19 $40.53 USPS

Which Shipping Company Should You Choose?
Now as you have seen a detailed analysis of all their services, charges, speed etc. we think that USPS is the best option. However, better than that is to use USPS through as you will further get discount up to 54% plus all extra benefits.

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