Which UK Shipping or Posting Service is the Best for Your eBay Items?

Posting an item after sale is an important step to complete the transaction. In fact it is so important that eBay rates sellers twice for it in the detailed seller rating (DSR).

Buyers love to receive their items promptly. Delayed posts or missing post is a major cause of anger among eBay buyers. So, to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and keep you customer delighted, it absolutely important to ship the item through reliable and trust worthy service.

Postal costs are major adds up to the expense side of your eBay business. They squeeze profit margin especially when buyers expect either free shipping or absolute minim postal charges. It is also, therefore, very important to ship your items through a postal service that is cost effective and does not affect your business negatively.

In this post I will compare several companies operating in the UK. Cost, speed and safe delivery are the major factor that should be considered before going for a particular service.

Royal Mail

royal mailRoyal mail is great for seller who send letters, large letters, small parcels and medium parcels up to a certain weight.
Royal mail offers a variety of options for your item to be posted depending upon the cost and time.
Another big advantage is that Royal mail operates through a large national network of post office. In case you do not have a business account or you do not qualify for Royal Mail collection, you can easily drop off your parcels at any post office around the corner.

Here is a brief description of all the main postal rates, size and weight guides as published by Royal Mail.
Please note that if you have a business account you will lower rates than if you simply buy stamps or send them through post offices.

I have shown only business account prices charged by Royal Mail and published in their latest price guide.
Size Guides

A few years before, Royal Mail would only charge on the basis of the weight of items. Now, they have introduced size guides along with the weight of the item. So size and weight both matter now.


A letter can of any weight from .01 g to 100g. The size should not be more than 240mm x 165mm x 5 mm.

Large Letters

The maximum weight should not exceed more than 750g. The maximum dimensions should not be more than 353mm x 250mm x 25mm.

royal mail larger size guide

Small Parcel

The maximum weight should not exceed more than 2 kg. The maximum dimensions should not be more than 450mm x 350mm x 160mm

Medium parcel

The maximum weight should not be more than 20 kg. The dimension should 610mm x 460mm x 460mm.

Royal Medium Size Parcel guide

You can download Royal Mail Price Guide here.

Update: We now use Royal Mail for letters and small parcels under 1 kg only. Their medium parcels prices are ridiculously higher than many competitors. Hermis and InPost are the cheapest alternative to Royal Mail for non-urgent deliveries.

City Link

city linkCity link is one of the top most and popular courier service in the UK. We have an account with City Link right from the beginning. The customer service is great and the cost is cheaper compared to some other courier companies.

They collect the parcels mostly once a day on regular basis without any additional charge. The company also provides label printers along with the software free of cost so you will be printing your own lablels.

To become an account holder with City Link, you should be sending at least 5 parcels a day. You will have to fill in their online form and once approved, they will provide you with the printer and label software etc.

If you send less than 5 parcels, then you can use their click and send website to get started.

Parcel Force WorldWide

parcel force worlwideParcel Force is a member company of the Royal Mail group. They have a very large network. They also have an edge over other courier companies as they work in laison with the post office thus utilizing the post office network nation wide.
They offer 2 types of delivery options. Parcel Force 24 and Parcel Force 48.

Parcelforce 24 is a next day delivery and is more epxensive as compared to the parcelforce 48.

A typical parcelforce24 costs from £10 plus vat while pacel48 prices start from £4 plus vat.

The retail prices of Parcel Force are more expensive. Customers who have an account with them get special prices. Alternatively, you can also buy through sub-agent which are normally cheaper than buying directly from them.
For a casual seller who does not have an account with ParcelForce, they are not the best option. In my experience, I have seen ParcelForce cheaper when you buy through third party brokers.


dhlDHL is a worldwide network of courrier service. LIke ParcelForce, unless you have an account with some discounted prices, DHL is quite expensive. A typical 10 Kg parcels costs £23.62 when book collection online. Drop off at local DHL service point will cost £18.95. The same parcel will cost you £39.00 if you book collectio over the phone.

Again, I have found that DHL is cheaper through third parties or brokers.


yodelYodel offers very competitive prices through their yodeldirect.co.uk website. A typical 10 kg parcel cost £7.44 for next day and £6.84 for 48 delivery.

Apart from single parcel deliveries, Yodel also offers discount on bulk collection. For example, if you send one parcel the cost is £6.2 excluding VAT. Adding a second parcel will reduce the price to £5.6. The more you add the number of parcels, the higher discount ytou get. You may see Yodel multip price table here.


my hermesHermes offers some of the best prices. For a standard delivery a typical 10 kg parcel costs £7.28 for no signature. If you need a signature, you add one pound to the base price.

If you My Hermes account with them, you can integrate your eBay and Amzon order for easy and professional shipping service.


ups and ebayUPS is an american company with a good netwok operating in the UK.

UPS is not very competitive unless you an account with them and get discouns on the price. A typical US parcel costs as under.

  • UPS Express £24.59
  • UPS Express Saver £15.59
  • UPS standar £9.59


inpostInpost is a unique service where you can send your parcel either through a courier or through lockers.

You can just drop your parcel in the locker point and then inPost will collect. In case you shop online and select inpost as your service, you get a text message or barcode and scan at the locker point and collect yoru parcel.

InPost offer almost the cheapest deals.

Collect Plus

collect plusCollect plus partners with more than 5500 retailers all over the country includig big stores like ASDA, Costcutter, Nisal, SPAR, McColl’sand others.

The biggest plus point is that your customer can collect your items any time outside the traditional 9 to 5 and Monday to Friday.

Collect Plus offer three main services

  • Send a Parcel
  • Return a parcel
  • Click and collect

There are three main categories of parcel depedning upon the weight.

  • Light 0 to 2 kg £4.89 Economy 3 to 5 working days £5.59 2 standard 2 working days.
  • Regular 2 to 5 kg
  • Heavy 5 to 10 Kg

Collect plus can also be integrated in to your eBay listings when you select collect plus as a delivery option while listing your item.

Fast Lane International

Fast Lane International is a world wide delivery serivce. They are actually a third party service brokering with several UK and international couriers companies. A typical 10 kg parcel delivery starts from £9.97 plus vat for a next day delivery.

If you register with FastLane, you will get a 5% discount on your shipping.

They also offer eBay sellers a service epscially suited to their needs.

According to the FastLane International website eBay sellers can save up to 70% on their eBay shipping fees.

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Ipost parcel is another great service offering some excellent competitve prices.

A typical 10kg parcels cost around £5.25 for next day delivery.

Here is a full price list. Please make a table of the below.

A Better Option for eBay Sellers

Ipostparcel is one of the best options for eBay sellers. You can fully integrate your eBay account with Ipost Parcels and get great discounts and competitive prices on shipping.

Ipost Parcels will collect from your home or office and dlivery right to your customer door.

1 Kg
Royal Mail
Ist Class
Small parcel
Royal Mail
Class Samll
InPost City Link Yodel Collect + Parcel Force TNT Winner
Price £4.30 £3.9 £5.94 £2.39 £2.39 £11.70 £7.19 £4.88 £13.19 £11.70 My Hermes
Delivery Time 1 to 2 Days 3 to 5 Days Next Day 2 Days 3 Days Next Day 2 Days 1 to 3 Days Next Day Next Day
2 Kg
Price £6.55 £4.90 £5.94 £3.59 £3.59 £11.70 £7.19 £4.88 £13.19 £11.70 My Hermes
Delivery Time 1 to 2 Days 3 to 5 Days Next Day 2 Days 3 Days Next Day 2 Days 1 to 3 Days Next Day Next Day
5 Kg
Price £16.95 £14.85 £5.94 £5.28 £3.59 £11.70 £8.10 £6.19 £13.19 £11.70 InPost
Delivery Time 1 to 2 Days 3 to 5 Days Next Day 2 Days 3 Days Next Day 2 Days 1 to 3 Days Next Day Next Day
10 Kg
Price £23.00 £21.35 £5.94 £7.28 £3.59 £11.70 £8.10 £8.28 £13.19 £13.79 InPost
Delivery Time 1 to 2 Days 3 to 5 Days Next Day 2 Days 3 Days Next Day 2 Days 1 to 3 Days Next Day Next Day
20 Kg
Price £34.50 £29.65 £7.14 NA £3.59 £11.70 £8.10 NA £13.19 £13.79 InPost
Delivery Time 1 to 2 Days 3 to 5 Days Next Day NA 3 Days Next Day 2 Days NA Next Day Next Day
30 Kg
Price NA NA £16.79 NA NA £17.76 £9.59 NA £19.90 £19.19 Yodel
Delivery Time NA NA Next Day NA NA Next Day 2 Days NA Next Day Next Day

Third Parties Through eBay

It is sometimes not convenient to open a regular account for a variety of reasons with a parcel carrier. May be, most of your items are too small and you find Royal Mail as the best options. Maybe, your volume is low and you wont get any discount by opening an account.

You may, however, need to use courier services from time to time. One of the best options is to buy them from eBay through third parties.

These services are normally cheaper than buying direct. Also, you do not have to open an account. Most offer collection from your home or office.

How to Find Third Parties Courier on eBay

1. Enter parcel delivery in the search category and press enter.

how to search parcel delivery on ebay
2. Look at the following examples on eBay.

parcel delivery results

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