Why Should Your Register A Domain for Your Business?

get started with a domain nameA domain name is a string that identifies and defines administrative authority or control within the internet. In simple words, it is a name used in a web address to identify a particular url or website.

For instance, if you have a business called ABC Leather Straps and you want a website for that name, you will need a domain name of abcleatherstrap which should look like


Here the abcleatherstrap.com is domain name.

Why Register a Domain Name?

That is a great question! There so many reasons to register a domain for your business. If you are an offline business and want to go online and sell to the world, there is no other better way than to use the internet. Reaching global customers through your own website is the best option.

Just like any other business, eBay and Amazon sellers should definitely go for a domain name. There are many advantages for registering a domain name. I have mentioned a few of them here.

Secure Your Business Name Online

If you have a business name, chances are that somebody else might use that name. Therefore, it is always good that once you select a name for your business, register a domain in the same name.

Get Professional Email Address

Many sellers use the general Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail type of addresses. There is nothing wrong using these free email service providers, they, however, do not look professional. In order to get a professional email address, you need to have your domain registered with a company called domain registrar. You can have then an email with your own business name in it. For example


In addition, you can have as many emails as you like. You can create specific emails for specific tasks, individuals or departments. Here are a few examples

You also gain credibility

Your own professional email address and website will gain you a lot of credibility among both buyers and suppliers. I remember those initial days when I would contact suppliers and they would ask for my email. Most big suppliers would ask if I had a website or an email on my own domain name.

I soon realized that it was extremely important to have my own domain registered. When suppliers would see my web address and my dedicated email address, they would pay me real attention.

Grow Your Business

Your own domain name can grow your business. You can reach customers beyond borders, which otherwise you may not be able to connect with.  eBay and Amazon sellers can always sell to their existing customers by offering them deals to make them their own permanent customers.

Why is it difficult to find a suitable domain name?

According to reports there are more than 300 million domains registered worldwide! Back in the day, there were only a few thousands domains registered worldwide and it was a lot easier to get the domain name of your choice.

Now with 300 million domains, it is not always possible that the domain name you want is always available. There are possibilities that someone has already registered that name before you could grab it for yourself. Now when the domain name’s sale and purchase is a business on its own, the chances of finding a suitable domain name are even slimmer.

So, what if you cannot find your domain name of your choice?
It could be you tried to register your domain name, but you found that it has already been taken.

 So, what now?

Do not panic!

You do not have to get exactly the domain name of the product or company you are marketing. If your desired domain name is too generic, there are high chances that it has already been taken.
For instance if you are in the golf niche, there are high possibilities that you won’t find general names available such as

And so on…
Not available
If you have a specific name like leedsgolfsupplies, then there are high chances that you will get it. Let us go to Go daddy and see whether it is available or not.
it is available
Ok, so you have come up with a unique word and then your niche. This unique name can be your name, your city, your state, your partner, abbreviation etc.

Therefore, you do not have to find the exact domain match for your keywods.. Rather, latest SEO opinion is that Google does not favor exact domain match. As long as the domain is helpful in building your brand, you are good to go.

Whom Should Your Register Your Domain With?

There are so many domain registrars. The market is quite competitive and you should be doing your homework before going for a particular registrar. Let me remind you that price is not always the only criteria to go for a particular registrar.
I personally use the following two registrars.


find your perfect domain

This is my top favorite. Almost 80% of my domains are registered with GoDaddy.
GoDaddy registers millions of domains worldwide. Regarding the customer service, you can connect to the customer service by phone, email and live chat 24 hours.

They have also dedicated teams based in the country of your residence. This ensures that you get real time support in case you need any help.

The prices are highly competitive and there are always some kind of offers, coupons and discount codes. There is also a bulk registration tool where you can search for 500 domains with one click.

GoDaddy also provides other services such as hosting, email, storage, back up  and so on…
I use go daddy only for domain registration…

123 Reg
123 reg
This is a UK based company offering domains and hosting. It is a great place if you want to register .co.uk extensions. The prices for the UK extensions are quite cheap and you get them registered for 2 years minimum.

I have around 10% of domains registered with 123 Reg. I recommend that if you are looking for a UK based domain registrar, 123 reg is the best option.

Domain Extensions

A domain extension is the word or suffix added to the web address. .com, .org. , .uk, .net are examples of the most popular extensions.

Which domain extension should you register?

For global reach, .com is the best option. Companies who sell or want to reach customers globally, they go for the .com option.

However, in case of targeting only a specific country, the country specific extension is the way to go.

For instance, if your target audience is based in Germany, you should go for .de extension. If you want to target the customer in Ireland, you should go for .ie while in case of UK you should go for .co.uk

Similarly, if you are leaving in any other country and you want to target customers specifically in that country, you should go for that country specific extension.
Should you only register one extension?

I recommend you should register, at least, four versions of your domain extensions. These are
.your country specific

This you will keep all the extensions reserved for yourself and nobody else would be able to use any of these extensions with your domain name. Therefore, you are safeguarding yourself from anyone who may come with the same name as yours are but just with a different extension.

You do not have to use all the extensions you register. Use the one that is most suited to your target audience and the other could be simply redirected to your main domain.

Things to Avoid

You should be very careful in choosing your domain name. Do not make hasty decision. You will be putting a lot of work to your site to build your long lasting business. You do not want to change your domain after you have successfully established yourself on the web.
Therefore, it is always best to brainstorm several ideas and consider several names before you finally chose one.


Do not put dashes in to your domain name. They look unprofessional and not easy to remember. They also do not sound nice when spoken.
You may take dashes in only when you absolutely want to register a domain with a particular phrase.

Long names

Avoid long names. These are not easy to remember and look spammy. People do not like unnecessary long names. In the past people would include several keywords to manipulate search engines. The search engines are now much smarter and spammy names are penalized.


Be aware not to include any terms, which are trademarked, otherwise you will get yourself in to legal complications. The minimum that you might get into is the cease and desist letter. Imagine that you have a domain with years of work, but you included a trademark term and you receive a letter of cease and desist. You have no options but to take the site down and let your hard work go down the drain.

Here is a good resource to check for any trademark terms.


Avoid confusing names and terms. Make sure you spell the words correctly. Avoid words that are homonyms or similar sounding as it confuses the listeners.


Registering a domain name is a great business strategy to take your business to the next level. If you are working in a niche model business, it is crucial to have a website. For eBay and Amazon sellers, it is an excellent opportunity to retain their eBay and Amazon customers by building a list and make them their permanent buyers.

Creating a website for your business will open up new avenues. It can expand your business beyond your local town and even beyond the national borders. It will help tremendously to build your own brand.
Recommended Domain Registrar


Recommended Webhosting Service

Bluehost (for Starters)
SerVint (Advanced users)

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